2011 New Years Resolution

So I am thinking about my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions and I started looking back on how successful I was with my 2010 resolutions. I really didn’t do too badly. There is one though that technically I completed, but true confessions here I ended up substituting a new habit in its place. I was supposed to save money by breaking my paid book habit and start going to the library. Like all resolutions I was really good in the beginning and yes I did break my paid book habit and started becoming a library regular. But then my new habit started; library late fees. My new habit was never as bad as my old habit, however it still felt wrong and the late fees annoy me so much I am continuously and more frequently being lured back to my old habit of buying books. After all at least I’ll have the book for my money.

Now though I found my 2011 Resolution and it’s the best of both my world. I got a Kobo and I get to buy my eBooks at significantly reduced price from the paper version and when I do get a library book they automatically disappear when the checkout period expires so no more later fees. Check out the Kobo web site to get yours now http://bit.ly/dKozwx .

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