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I used to clip coupons for items I used and throw them in to an envelope and take it to the store with me. If I happened to purchase something I had a coupon for then I would use it, if not then oh well. I never knew there was a right or a wrong way to use coupons but there is and I was doing it all wrong.
If you use coupons right you save them until the items go on sale and then use the combination of the sale price plus the coupons(use them at a store that doubles coupons). Buy as many of the item as you can and that you have coupons for and stockpile it until the next time it goes on sale. Use a site such as and check it weekly. Pull up the list for the grocery store you will be shopping at. It will list items on sale for the week, the sale price, which coupons you should use, the final price you will pay and then the percentage off the original price. I aim to buy the items that are 50% off and more. Many times you can get items for free. If peanut butter is normally $2.00 for example and goes on sale for $1.00 and you have a 50 cent coupon that the store will double then you just got free peanut butter. Don’t bother clipping the coupons when you get them each week, just write the date on the front and then when you need a coupon you can flip through and find it. By using coupons this way you can cut your grocery budget in half and after doing it for a while you will get to the point where you will be buying the items on sale each week instead of what you need because as you stockpile you will build up a supply of the items you use regularly except for perishables of course. And THAT is the right way to coupon!

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  1. That is amazing! I find I don’t have the patience for it and I HATE grocery shopping. I make my husband do it. But I do have a friend that coupons well. Recently she told me that she went to the store and purchased over $100 worth of grocercies for like $9 or something. I was amazed! Good advice!!

  2. Great article! I’d like to add that there are blogs like mine that cover all of the local stores, giving readers advance notice of what’s going to be on sale AND the coupons that go with those items, so my readers are ready to shop on day one of the sale!

  3. Couponing is a lot of work, but it pays off – literally. We get a Coupon Mom column in our local paper, and I’m amazed at how much she does – and how much she saves.

  4. Oh my goodness – great tips on couponing! Unfortunately, my problem is a very sad one – I clip the coupons and then completely fail to take them with me to the grocery store and pretty much lose them around my house! I’m also a bit overwhelmed when I even walk into a grocery story – just too many choices – that to add coupons on top of it, forget it! I’m going to try to do better… I think the first step is picking up an organizer something-or-other from the dollar store to store the coupons in. Great tips!

  5. DM Wright- I agree grocery shopping is not fun, lol. If I had a husband who would do it for me (and coupon) believe me I would!

    CouponMakeCents- You are absolutely right, I should have mentioned the local blogs because there are several I check here on a weekly basis and I actually like the set up of those better because it is less complicated but I guess I was thinking of the national audience. I use blogs like yours for Target and Drugstore Deals as well even if they are not local.

    Daisy-It sounds like a lot of work and it is when you are first getting started but once you get a good system down it takes me about 15 minutes a week to get ready to go shopping. So I often ask people would you work for 15 mins. if I paid you $100?(because that is often how much I can save). I haven’t had anyone answer no yet, lol.

    One Beta Mom- I used to do that too but if you follow the system explained on Coupon Mom you don’t clip the coupons until you print out your shopping list for the week and then I usually stick them right in to my little binder and then go shopping. That way I won’t lose them!

    Lady of the House- You’re welcome!

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