Keeping Your Job and Moving Up in a Bad Economy

In today’s economy and job market keeping your job is more important than ever. Maintaining a good relationship with your boss and making yourself a valuable part of the company is a great start to ensuring you remain indispensable in the eyes of your superiors. recently had a great article about How to Win Over Your Boss. The main thing I wanted to point out in this article is the list of ten things to ask your boss. To me, these questions not only show your boss that you value your job and are willing to make changes to please him/her but the answers to the question can give you some very valuable feedback that you otherwise may not get.

10 Simple Questions That Will Win Over Your Boss

  1. Ask what he thinks you can do to be more effective.
  2. Ask what her top three priorities or goals are.
  3. Ask what you can do to make him more effective.
  4. Ask what you can do to make the team more effective.
  5. Ask if he’s interested in knowing what will make your job easier.
  6. Ask what her take is on the company’s top priorities and goals.
  7. Ask what he thinks you should do differently or improve upon to be more effective.
  8. Ask if she’d like to meet periodically, one-on-one, and if so, how frequently and what format would she like the meeting to take. Then set it up.
  9. Ask what his philosophy is on your shared functional responsibility, whatever that is, i.e. marketing, HR, IT, engineering, finance.
  10. And, if the meeting’s open-form and you feel it’s appropriate, ask about her background. Most people like to talk about themselves and how they got there, as long as they don’t feel like they’re being grilled, pumped for information, or played in some way.

I thought the list of questions went hand and hand with another article on CNN I read How to Step Up Your Career this Year. The pointers they give include meeting with your boss, executing one of your boss’s goals and keeping your boss up to date with your progress and achievements.

Combining these strategies is a great way to give yourself job security. Not only that but in a world where promotions are hard to come by if one does happen to open up, you can guarantee that you will be the first name that comes to mind.

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