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Last week we discussed rising prices, specifically the price of oil and the rising cost of gas and how it will be affecting your family and the activities you can participate in. Another concern lately is rising inflation in the United States. It isn’t be talked about very much but inflation is rising and some may be starting to wonder if the government is really in control of inflation as much as they would like to think. This recent article on Market Watch reports that inflation has risen more the last two months than it has since October of 2009. The title and subject of the article is that disposable income has dropped leaving less extra money for families to play with. This amusing article on Yahoo News references the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s president being heckled for making it sound like the great prices on other things such as the Ipad 2 offsets the rising cost of food therefore evening out the inflation picture. Hmmm?

These two points combined with this article on the Guardian pointing out that in February the food price index reached another record high are making me wonder how all of you other Moms are handling this and what are your solutions? Obviously there is nothing we can do to individually to solve the problem but we can share unique ways we have found to cut back in different aspects of our life in order to save. Are you cutting things out of your life that used to be a luxury or are you cutting back in some areas in order to maintain your overall general lifestyle quality? For those of you who are entrepreneurs and business women, are you changing the way you do business or are you having to wait to make certain business purchases?

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  1. Hi Corina,

    As a solo-entrepreneur I have found some valuable ways to ensure that our monthly family “allowance” has increased, instead of decreased due to inflation and rising costs.
    The easiest way to increase your montly “allowance” is taking care of what I call your “Money Leaks”.

    Money Leaks are:
    1) unfinished business (such as people who owe you money or uncashed gift certificates) OR
    2) money you pay for things you no longer want / need / make the full use of (such as subscriptions or monthly deliveries. The key is that you no longer get the full value from these things)

    I find that not only do I increase the amount of money available to us, when I take care of Money Leaks. I also increase my level of energy by ensuring that I make conscious money decisions and take authentic money action.
    It feels so good and liberating!

    Good Money Leak hunting! :o)

    Alice Lerche

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