Protect your Financial Identity with your Online Accounts

So, there has been a lot of talk recently in the industry asking banks to move toward a safer and more secure platform for their online banking offerings to consumer  – by using industry leading technology that allows the consumer to customize their information at log-in, so that you can verify your own accounts.   Making your online banking experience as safe as possible will help protect your financial identity.

What can you do to help minimize your exposure?:

Sign in with a secure customized process:   Many banks are now using images (that you can select yourself) and key phrases when you sign in, so that you know you are at your banks website.  Banks that offer this service include Bank of America and ING.

Use of PIN pads also helps minimize the theft of your data from “key stroke” hackers, in stead of using alpha based passwords.  A few banks are now offering this technology.  Don’t forget to reset your PIN’s and passwords often.

Also beware of emails from phishers with links to phony bank accounts.  Most banks will never ask for any personal information to be sent to them in an email.    You can use anti-virus software that will reduce your exposure to viruses and phishing.

If you are not sure, ask your bank what they are doing to help you stay protected, and remember to check your credit profile annually.  You can do this through the main credit bureaus, such as, or

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