Weekly Debt Twitter Chat

debtRecently we discussed our Top 5 Financial Twitter Chats and have been exploring each of the chats on that list one by one. Today I wanted to tell you about the weekly DebtChat.  It is hosted weekly by @debthelporg from Debt.org, America`s Debt Help Organization. Debt.org is a site made up of financial experts dedicated to helping others understand debt as well as overcome their debt. The website aims to provide a range of informative articles, tools and free resources for their readers. They create content about a range of topics, such as reducing debt, finding student loans, maneuvering through real estate transactions and planning for retirement. They also have relationships with a variety of trustworthy debt service providers to help ensure readers’ financial needs are met. Their services include programs for debt consolidation, debt management and student loan consolidation.

The Debt.org blog offers articles on a wide variety of budgeting and personal finance topics, not just debt. They also offer a free quote on their site for assistance with debt relief. The weekly twitter chat focuses on topics surrounding debt like budgeting and other personal finance topics and it is held every Wednesday at 4pm Et.  Follow @debthelporg along with the hashtag #debtchat.

Twitter chats are a great way to connect with others who share the same interests as you. If your blog or business surrounds the world of personal finance then these five twitter chats would be a way for you to find others on Twitter to follow. By engaging in twitter chats, it helps others who are in the same field notice you and engage back. If you are still unsure about how Twitter chats work and how to participate you can check out our blog post on What is a Twitter Chat and How to Participate.

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