chatAfter walking through some of our favorite personal finance Twitter chats, our last post introduced our favorite social media Twitter chats.  The first Twitter chat on our list is #Blogchat. #Blogchat is a weekly conversation every Sunday at 9pm ET discussing different blogging topics. The Twitter chat is run by Mack Collier of Here is what he had to say about how BlogChat got started;

The first #blogchat was in March of 2009.  One Sunday nite I wanted to ask my Twitter followers a question about blogging.  I knew I would get a ton of great replies, and I was worried that some other people that I wasn’t following would reply to those replies, and I’d miss them.  So I decided to ask my question, but I added the #blogchat hashtag to my original tweet.  That way, the people that replied would be more likely to add the same #blogchat hashtag to their replies, and then I could more easily find them!

The first #blogchat went on for a couple of hours, and was an instant hit!  Everyone wanted to make it a weekly affair, so I decided to have a #Blogchat every Sunday nite, at the same time!  The chat is now one of the most popular on Twitter, and each week we have hundreds of active participants, and the biggest #Blogchat so far had just over 6,000 tweets!

Blogchat discusses all aspects of blogging whether it is business or personal blogging.  Who is Mack Collier?  He is a social media strategist, and speaker that helps companies connect with its customers via social media. He has been active on social media since 2005. Mack speaks at many different social media events including South By Southwest Interactive, Blog World and New Media Expo, Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer, and Social Media Optimization Summit.  #Blogchat  is known as the largest Twitter Chat on the internet, where thousands of people meet each Sunday night on Twitter to discuss a different blogging topic.

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