BrandChat Weekly Twitter Chat

Recently we discussed our favorite social media Twitter chats, which are a great way to not only learn more about social media but also connect with some experts in the field. So far we introduced you to #BlogChat and #SmManners Chat. Today we wanted to talk about #BrandChat.

BrandChat is held Wednesdays 11am Et. Follow along by using hashtag #brandchat and following @brandchat and moderators @mariaduron  & @mr_mcfly on Twitter. BrandChat was founded by Maria Duron who is known as an expert in the field of social media.  She offers workshops, webinars and services regarding building a community around your brand.The weekly chat focuses on all aspects of branding and is listed by Mashable as one of the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers.  Gary Nix, @mr_mcfly is the other moderator involved in the chat. He is known for being a marketing and branding professional.

There are many aspects of social media and some of the other social media Twitter chats offer more of a variety in weekly topics but if you are really focusing on branding then this is the Twitter chat for you. You wouldn’t think that you could have a weekly Twitter chat with a topic this narrow but they manage to keep it interesting. Previous topics include things like Brands & Sports, Brands & Recruiting, Brands & Social Media and Brand Language. You can see they work in many other subtopics but with the main focus remaining as branding. 

If you are not sure how Twitter chats work or how to get involved with them, checkout our post on What is a Twitter Chat and How to Participate.  Join the #brandchat community every Wednesday morning and may make some new connections as well as learn a little more each week about establishing your brand.

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