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Recently we discussed our favorite social media Twitter chats, which are a great way to not only learn more about social media but also connect with some experts in the field. So far we introduced you to #BlogChat, #SmManners Chat, #BrandChat and #GetRealChat. Today I wanted to introduce you to the last of the five on our list, #LikeableChat.

Likeable Chat is held every Tuesday 2pm ET. In order to join in, follow Michele Weisman @ottogrl along with hashtag #LikeableChat. Weekly topics revolve around social media topics that relate to Likeable Media’s core values and mission statement.

If you are not familiar with Likeable Media and are involved in the world of social media, you should make yourself familiar with them.  They are an award winning social media and word of mouth marketing agency. The company comes from a very interesting start.

“When Carrie and Dave Kerpen decided to get married in 2005, they used their marketing backgrounds to create a promotional event and offset the costs of an expensive New York wedding. The Brooklyn Cyclones agreed to let the couple get married at home plate following a game, supplied flowers, Smirnoff provided alcohol, Entenmann’s added desserts, and David’s Bridal sponsored the gowns. In July 2006, Dave and Carrie said their vows in front of 500 friends and family members and 5,000 strangers. The couple raised $100,000 from sponsors to cover the cost of the wedding, as well as $20,000 to give to the MS Society. Not only was this a dream wedding, but it was a dream promotion: Dave and Carrie generated $20 million worth of earned media for their sponsors. A few weeks later, they began getting calls from vendors asking what was next. Since they couldn’t get married again, they decided to start a company instead.”

From this unusual story, Likeable Media was born. Michele Weismanis the marketing director at Likeable Media and the founder and moderator of #LikeableChat. Join in weekly to educate yourself on a wide array of social media topics.

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