Small Business Saturday and Twitter

shopsmallHere at Money Momma we have been talking about the importance of the American small business and upcoming Small Business Saturday.   There are many different ways we can all support small businesses this coming Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday season.  As individuals we can shop small businesses, encourage others to shop small and even volunteer.  As a small business owner you should be taking full advantage of this day and the support it generates.

Twitter happens to be one of the premier partners for Small Business Saturday. To help small businesses out and assist in promoting Small Business Saturday, Twitter is now offering $100 in free Twitter advertising. Twitter is giving $1 million in free advertising credits, $100 to each eligible business so head over there now and fill out the form to see if you are eligible before it is gone. In order to be eligible you must have a business Twitter account, a United States billing address and never have advertised on Twitter previously.  If your business has more than one Twitter account, you must register each account separately. There are two different ways you can use the $100 credit.  The credit can be used towards a promoted account which means your Twitter account would show up in search results and in “Who to follow” recommendations gaining you more followers who may be interested in you and your brand.  You can target your audience geographically, by gender or by interest. You are only charged or deducted from your credit when people decide to follow, not just when your account appears in the listing. You can also use your credit using  promoted tweets. You choose what tweets are the most important and use your credit towards promoting those tweets. You can choose to target Twitter users by keywords in timeline, interest, geography and device. The promoted tweets appear in search results and user timelines.  You can use this to excite current followers, gain new followers, or promote a specific event or promotion. If you are elgibible for the $100 credit you will also receive a free tool kit fro Twitter to help you get your business ready. To find more about the other premier partners for Small Business Saturday including United States Postal Service, 4 Square and Fedex, visit the Small Business Saturday partner page.


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