Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

Black Friday will be arriving this week after a day of food and family, but one thing that may be different this year is that many stores are starting Black Friday on Thursday evening. While this brings up a debate regarding making employees work on Thanksgiving, will consumers still go out in droves to get those great deals when the stores open?

Black Friday drives consumers into stores by advertising early-bird specials and doorbusters that offer a limited number of an item at a very low price. However, once consumers are in the stores, retailers hope they will be buying more than what they came for. Many Black Friday shoppers hit the stores because of the great deals but many also do it just for the fun and excitement. For consumers who do not find thrills on fighting the crowds and standing in lines, there is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday offers great deals online for those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their home. How do these two most popular shopping days compare? Are you a Black Friday shopper, Cyber Monday shopper, or both? Check out the infographic below for some shopping statistics.

  • 307 million people shopped in brick and mortar stores during Black Friday 2012
  • 14% of shoppers used a mobile device to shop on Cyber Monday 2012
  • 57% of Black Friday shoppers bought clothing and accessories
  • 40% of Black Friday shoppers bought cd`s, books, and video games
  • 38% of Black Friday shoppers bought electronics
  • 35% of Black Friday shoppers bought toys
  • Department stores were the most popular place to shop for Black Friday with 53% of shoppers
  • 57% of people enjoy getting out and fighting the crowds on Black Friday
  • The estimated amount of holiday spending between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is 59 billion
  • Department stores, health & beauty, home goods, and clothing & apparel all increased their Cyber Monday sales from 2011 to 2012
  • Peak shopping time for Cyber Monday in 2012 was 11:25am
  • Cyber Monday had more sales via iPad than Black Friday(90.55 versus 88.3%)
  • 43% of people do not like the idea of shopping online for Cyber Monday
  • 86% of web traffic came from desktop users on Cyber Monday

�Tis the Season to Go Shopping: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Battle It Out for Consumer Dollars

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