5 Apps That Will Save You Money Holiday Shopping

This holiday season everyone is looking for a way to save some extra cash. Last week we introduced our Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping. Many of these were websites that offer great deals and low prices to help you make the most of your money this holiday season. There are also a wide variety of great apps that can allow you to save money while you are on the go. Check out some of the apps below and get your mobile device and your wallet ready for some holiday shopping.

RetailMeNot- This website was mentioned in our post from last week because of its ability to help you find coupons for your favorite website and enter the coupon code before checking out. There is also a RetailMeNot app available on both Android and Apple devices. The app allows you to find coupons on the go for the stores you are already in. This is a great option for those unexpected holiday shopping sprees where you did not have time to find and print coupons at home. Simply pull up the app while standing in line, find a coupon for the store you are shopping, show the coupon to the cashier on your mobile device during checkout.

SnipSnap- This app is very similar to RetailMeNot allowing you to find coupons and discount codes while you are on the go. The main additional feature that SnipSnap offers is an option for snapping an image of a printed coupon, storing it in your mobile device, and using it while you are out without the worry that you forgot your coupons at home.

RedLaser- The Red Laser app does your comparison shopping for you, saving you time driving around to different stores to find out which one is offering the best deal.  Many stores during the holiday season offer price matching which guarantees you the lowest price but still requires a trip back to the store once you find that price. With Red Laser, simply scan a product at the store and the app will give you comparison prices at stores and online.

Lemon- The Lemon app is a great organizational tool for shopping any time of the year. Many times you spend almost as much time returning items after the holidays as you did shopping for them in the first place. Lemon can be used to snap images of your receipts when you make a purchase. If you need to return an item you can retrieve the image, print a copy, and not worry about finding that elusive receipt, The app also tracks your spending giving you a graph to show you how your money is being spent.

Hukkster- The Hukkster app is great for holiday shopping or any major purchases. You simply add which items you are going to be shopping for and Hukkster will update you when those items go on sale. This saves you time running around comparison shopping and the hassle of returning an item because it went on sale at a different store the day after you bought it.


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