Upcoming Personal Finance/Money Conferences!

There are a lot of great events coming up that I’m really looking forward to going to! I love going to conferences for a couple of reasons. One being it’s a great way to learn some tips and tips from industry pros or regular joes. It’s also an awesome way to meet people that may not work in your industry, but still share a passion and interest in managing personal finances. Here are some great conferences that I look forward to:
  1. FinCon – Sept 17-20 – Charlotte, NC
  2. The Traders Expo – Oct 14-16, Las Vegas, NV
  3. Canadian Personal Finance Conference – Oct 17-18 – Toronto, ON
  4. The World Money Show – Oct 30-31 – Toronto, ON
  5. The World Money Show – March 3-5 – Orlando
In short: There’s a lot to look forward to. Any that I’m missing here? Let me know in the comments section!

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