About Me


Hello, all the wonderful people!

I’m Sarah

Welcome to my slice of the internet. I’m an accountant by profession.

I’m always passionate about money topics and want to share my knowledge with all of you, so I started this blog.

My goal is to help all those people who are struggling with their finances. Show them the ways to manage their finances through budgeting, saving tips, earn more money, get rid of debt and many other money topics.

Though I’m not a certified expert, all that I’ve learned is from my personal experiences.

My life has been a roller coaster ride for me. There was a lot of ups and downs in the past. I embraced all those obstacles and learned from my mistakes to conquer over those challenges.

After graduation, I started working with a logistics company as a coordinator. Though the job was not as per my expectations, but still to stay afloat I joined there.

During my job, I faced many financial challenges. Since I have to relocate to a new city, the apartment rent, food and day to day expenses everything was difficult to manage with the small paycheck. How do I forget that? there was also a mountain of student debt.

I’ve done many mistakes in the beginning when it comes to money matters. I had bad spending habits, so nothing much left for saving. I learned all the money lessons the hard way.

My finances were in a big mess and I’ve no idea on how to fix them until one of my colleagues took me to a financial literacy seminar in the university center. There I heard some of the experts talking about the very basic financial skills. From there on I got the passion for learning more about personal finance.

I started by reading books, publications, discussing with family and friends. I’ve also gone through some of the resources on the internet to learn about budgeting, saving tips, how to manage debt and investing for retirement.

The crucial part was applying all that knowledge in real life, and trust me it was not that easy task. While making the budget I miss out several items. Sometimes an unexpected expense hits me, as I don’t have an emergency fund at that point in time. In short, I failed on several occasions.

It was a long learning curve for me before I took control of my finances. First I started by fixing my budget. I collected all my bills in one place and write down every small expense to avoid missing it on my budget. I created an emergency fund by setting aside a small part of my savings every month.

Slowly I gained momentum and it became a habit to save more to get rid of my student debt. I set a small target to pay off my student loan each month. It was a life changing experience for me.

The next big thing was to diversify my income streams, So I decided to invest in myself to learn new skills. The idea was to start a business with new skills to increase my future income. The work is still in progress…

The whole learning process gave me the confidence to achieve my financial goals. I learned the true value of money in this journey.

Thanks for visiting about me?