50 Most Profitable Crafts To Make And Sell In 2024

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If you have artistic skills to create beautiful crafts, there are some great opportunities to make money by selling crafts and handmade items.

Because, people just love buying handmade products as they are unique, and the crafter puts in their personal touch to it.

The good news is that, with the internet, it has made it easier to monetize your creativity and turn it into a lucrative business.

Sure, there are plenty of crafts you can sell online, but the biggest challenge is profitability. You need to find a craft that is cost-effective to make and has room to sell at a good price.

To help you out, in this post, I’m going to share some of the most profitable crafts to make and sell in 2024.

profitable crafts make sell 1

The best part is that, most of these craft ideas are cheap to make using Amazon and Dollar Store supplies.

Even if you’re not an expert crafter, you can still build a decent side income by selling these crafts online.

Let’s dig deeper into that!

1. Handmade Jewelry

I want to start this list with jewelry because it is the most sold item in handmade space.

Making jewelry doesn’t mean you need to learn intricate design, you can start with as simple as beaded bracelets, these colorful bracelets are very popular among teenage girls for friendship and graduation gifts.

profitable crafts make sell jewelry
Photo Credit: Allie Thomson

These jewelry pieces are easy to make, you need few colorful beads, elastic cord and a bit of creativity. And you can find a variety of glass beads to polymer clay beads cheaply on Amazon or Etsy.

You can also try your hands on wire jewelry. Making earrings, hoops, pendants, and rings with wire and stones. If you search “DIY jewelry making” on YouTube, you will find many tutorials to make handmade jewelry.

2. Wood Crafts and Projects

If you enjoy working on wood, then you can create a variety of wood crafts that are in great demand for home decor.

Woodworking doesn’t mean you need to have a great craftsmanship to make furniture or complex projects. You just need an unfinished piece of wood, easily found on Home Depot or Amazon, to create high-demand rustic farmhouse crafts.

Here are some of the wood crafts you can make and sell on Etsy, garage sale or flea market:

2x2x or 2×4 Wood Blocks you can make snowmen, pumpkin blocks, Halloween Jack O’Lanterns, scarecrows, Easter bunnies.

Pallet Wood Projects You can make Christmas trees, outdoor porch signs, snowmen, yard bunny peeps, Easter egg signs, and pallet wood turkeys.

Unfinished Wood If you search on Amazon and Etsy, you’ll find unfinished woods of various shapes and sizes. You can create many profitable projects in plenty of ways. You can paint these wood, stain them, decoupage, and decorate with ribbons and burlap.

profitable crafts make sell wood crafts
Photo Credit: choleatso

The possibilities are endless; you can create rustic photo frames, gnomes, and with a 3D laser cutter such as Glowforge, you can create your own custom design or engrave on wood.

Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks Inexpensive Dollar Tree Jenga blocks can be used to make lanterns, reindeer, keychains, Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree, organizer, and pen pencil holder.

profitable crafts make sell jenga blocks
Photo Credit: Christine Harding (Facebook)

Scrap Wood If you got some scrap wood left over in your garage, you can make some amazing things out of it. Like: farmhouse bunny, Christmas tree, Valentine’s Day wooden heart decor, rustic lantern, pumpkin, reindeer and so on.

profitable crafts make sell wood reindeer
Photo Credit: Lora and Averi Reed

Wood Slices from Logs You can make centerpieces, charger plates for dinner table, paint them as Easter eggs, bunny, fall pumpkins, scarecrow, or make rustic door signs.

profitable crafts make sell wood slice
Photo Credit: Janayna Ferrari

3. Clay Pot Crafts

Flower Pot People Everyone loves them, because they look so cute. If you have kids at home, then this is a fun craft you can make with them and sell for profit.

Making these adorable flower pot people is pretty easy. You need two big terracotta pots and 12 small pots, paint, ropes and flowers to decorate the pot. Here are the instructions.

profitable crafts make sell flower pot people
Photo Credit: mashrudivya

Similarly, you can make these sassy lady terracotta flower pots. You can paint the face on a flower pot or create a cricut vinyl face design for it.

4. Baskets Weaving Crafts

Another great craft idea is weaving baskets. They are in great demand for home decor, storage organization, and as gift baskets for Easter, baby showers, bachelorette parties or as gifts for bridesmaids.

The best part is they are very easy to make with a variety of materials. You can make these handwoven baskets from rope, jute, t-shirt yarn, raffia, flexible vines and grass.

profitable crafts make sell handmade basket
Photo Credit: Stephanie Martinez

How to make a rope basket
How to make a T-shirt yarn basket

You can make handwoven baskets for:

  • Baskets for special occasions – anniversary gift basket, Mother’s Day gift basket, or wedding flower girl basket.
  • Daily use – laundry basket, picnic basket, fruit basket, dog/cat basket.
  • Home decor – wall decor baskets, boho hanging bags, planter basket.

5. Gnome Craft

Do you believe in magical powers of gnomes? Jokes apart, you see gnomes everywhere when it comes to home decor ideas.

That makes it a profitable craft you can make and sell. You can make gnome crafts from socks, fabrics, yarn, scrap wood, and modeling clay.

profitable crafts make sell gnome craft
Photo Credit: Consuelo Lopez

If you’re an expert in home decor, you can make and sell gnome crafts to decorate a tiered tray, centerpiece, fairy garden figurine, crochet gnome pattern, gnome ornaments, a flower pot gnome and so on.

6. Home Decor Items

When it comes to decorating their home, people are always looking for new things. Plus there are seasonal themes like spring, fall, Christmas and Halloween decor that last year-long.

So, if you’re looking for craft ideas to make and sell, home decor items must be on your list because there are so many things you can make.

Wall Decor Crafts

You can make canvas wall art for the living room, vintage landscape paintings, digital art and printable paintings, stained-glass wall art, wall sculptures and abstract modern art.

Wall Hangings

There are a variety of handmade wall hanging items you can try. Macramé wall hangings are very popular in minimalist decor, as well as hanging wall planters, wall plates and baskets.

profitable crafts make sell macrame
Photo Credit: H Kiser

Other trending wall decor includes dried plants or flower wall hangings, stained glass suncatchers and mirrors.

profitable crafts make sell suncatcher
Photo Credit: laura

Picture Frame and Collage

Picture frames are evergreen for home decor. You can make vintage picture frame, custom picture frame of different colors, farmhouse style.

Family photo collage, gallery wall art, metallic frame or wooden frame, stair picture frames, beaded or glossy photo frames, the list is endless.

Hanging wall planters, hanging pots, ceramic pots, tiered planters, custom planter with text, hanging trays and plates, wall hooks.

String Art

If you are good at string art, you can make and sell custom name string art, mandala string art, geometric string design, floral string design and plenty of other patterns.

Lanterns and Lampshades

You can make rustic wooden lanterns for outdoor porch decor, personalized metal and glass lanterns, and lampshades of different patterns and colors.

Table Centerpiece

Be it any occasion, a centerpiece is an essential part of decorations. You can make an adorable table centerpiece for Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas.

All you need is a few affordable supplies from Amazon or Dollar Store: faux flowers, pics, greenery, berry garland, ribbons, lamb’s ear stems, and candles.

profitable crafts make sell centerpiece
Photo Credit: Madeline Swan

Look on Pinterest for inspiration and let your creative juices flow and create a floral centerpiece for a wedding, a mason jar centerpiece, a dough bowl centerpiece, a fall pumpkin centerpiece and so on.

Tiered Tray

You can make and sell beautiful tiered trays for Spring, summer, fall decoration or any occasion.

profitable crafts make sell tiered tray
Photo Credit: Monterey T

The best part, they are easy to make. Search on Etsy for wooden elements like a welcome sign, beaded garland, gnomes, flowers, mason jars, cups, mini farm trucks, and a tiered tray. Learn how to arrange a tiered tray

Other Home Decor Items

Apart from the items discussed above, you can also make wood signs for outdoor decor, wreaths, rustic door hangers from unfinished wood pieces, flower vases, decorative pillows covers. And this list goes on as you explore more items.

7. Digital Products

These days, many crafters make their projects using Cricut and Glowforge. Since these are digital cutting machines, the crafters need certain designs for their projects that come in digital downloads, especially in SVG or PNG files.

Basically, these are digital products, which means there’s no hassle involved in delivering physical products. The buyer will download the SVG file from your Etsy shop.

If you have good graphic design skills, this is a great opportunity to make money online because you just have to make the product once, and it gets sold online, with no physical delivery required. Yes, it’s PASSIVE INCOME!

First, you need software to create a digital design. You can use Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator for this. Create your design and save it as an SVG file.

You can upload this SVG design to your Etsy shop and sell it as a digital download. In the image below, the custom Hello Kitty vinyl design is made from digital download SVG bought from Etsy.

profitable crafts make sell svg
Photo Credit: Imari

Apart from SVG files, you can also create printable PDF files and sell them on Etsy as digital products.

You need to create the printable design using Canva, which is an online graphic designing tool. And upload the PDF to your Etsy shop to sell.

Printables are very popular and profitable digital products on Etsy. You can create printable wall arts, Kid’s coloring pages, budget planners, money-saving trackers, printable planners for weekly/monthly planning, productivity, workout planners, meal planners, and Google sheets.

profitable crafts make sell weekly planner
Photo Credit: Nyree Wedgeworth

8. Recycled Craft Projects

If you look around your house, you’ll find lots of plastic bottles, wine bottles, milk jugs, coffee cans, buttons etc. Mostly you throw away in trash. But many crafters make clever projects from plastic bottle caps, and wine corks.

profitable crafts make sell wine cork craft
Photo Credit: Julie Courtois

You can also make bottle cap chimes

If you search “recycled craft” on Pinterest, you’ll find Christmas tree and pumpkin crafts made from wine corks. Funny-faced milk jug planter made from milk containers, and glowing milk jug ghosts for Halloween.

Few more examples like: 

You can sell these projects in your local flea market or garage sale for a good profit.

9. Clothespin Crafts

Clothespins are inexpensive and easily available at Dollar Tree for crafts. You can make some amazing crafts with clothespins, as they perfectly fit the farmhouse theme.

You can spray paint or stain them, sprinkle some glitters and use them in your favorite projects. Here is the list:

You can make a clothespin wreath, clothespin cross, wall art, butterfly, rustic carrots for Easter decor, snowflake Christmas ornaments, trivet plates, and candleholders.

10. Crochet Pattern

Have you ever tried your hands at crochet? If not, then you’re missing out on a profitable venture. If you have some creative patterns or unique designs, then share it with the world and make money.  

You can start with simple designs like a car hanging crochet, crochet cardigan pattern, cactus, flower patterns. Popular characters like SpongeBob crochet pattern, bunny, or bear pattern.

profitable crafts make sell crochet pattern
Photo Credit: Brittney Severio

Crochet patterns again come under digital products. You can sell them on places like Etsy, Ribblr, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry.

11. Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars are the most common item you find in every home. Apart from storing food, with mason jars you can make some cool DIY crafts to sell.

You can paint them, decoupage them, decorate wuth flowers and greenry and make centerpiece. You can use fairy lights and make them lantern.

12. Personalized Mugs and Tumblers

Personalized mugs and tumblers are very popular gift item for birthday, anniversary, teachers, coworkers, or friend. Because it allows you can print the desire name, date, photo or multiple designs.

That makes it a memorable gift item. Basically these mugs and tumblers are printed with sublimation printers. And then pressed with mug press machine. Metal tumblers are laser engraved.

13. Centerpieces for Party and Decor

No celebration is complete without stunning centerpieces. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or holiday decor.

All you need is a little creative spark to make this low-cost, high demand craft. To make a centerpiece, you need some base, It can be a tray, wine glass, mason jar, a wooden box or dough bowl.

Arrange the centerpiece with mini pumpkins, greenery picks, stems, and branches which you can easily get from Dollar Tree and Amazon.

You can sell these handmade centerpieces on Facebook marketplace, Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Poshmark, and Ebay. Additionally, you can promote your crafts by sharing on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Page and create your own blog.

14. Diaper Cakes

15. Invitation Cards

16. Mod Podge Crafts

17. Glass Stone Fridge Magnets

18. Resin Craft

19. Popsicle Crafts

20. Fairy Garden Accessories

21. Gift Box For Valentine’s Day, anniversary, and birthday

22 Suncatcher Craft – stain glass

23. Decoupage – planters and flower pots, mason jar, wooden bunny, bottles, plares, flower vase

24. Scrapbook

25. Folded Book Craft

26. Pinecone Crafts

27. Bird Feeders

28. Snow Globe

29. Holiday Crafts

Halloween crafts – plastic pumpkin planters, sunflower skulls, pool noodle candles centerpiece, bubbling cauldron

Christmas crafts – 2*2 snowman, fishbowl snowman, tin can snowman hat, christmas ornaments, wreaths, candy cane craft, nutcracker crafts, gingerbread house, reindeer, christmas stockings, centerpieces.

Easter crafts – bunny, carrots, eggs, chicks

Fall crafts – candy corn, turkey

Valentines day crafts – fabric hearts, valentines cone tree, heart garland made of paper, val candles, heart pillow, heart wreath

30. Dollar Tree crafts

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