Get Free Stuff by Doing Product Testing

Most of you Moms out there love to save money and many of you probably love trying out new products. A lot of bloggers conduct product reviews and receive free products but even if you are not a blogger you can become a product tester and receive free items in the mail. Sometimes product testers are paid as well. If you run a business you may especially be interested in signing up to be a product tester for HP. Sign up on their website here to be eligible to evaluate prototype products. If chosen, you get a new product and you are compensated.
VOC-Online is a website that uses your profile to match you up with technical companies who will compensate you in some way for your time. Contract Testing and CPTC Labs also compensates for product testing.

There are many other companies out there who do not compensate you for your time but you do get free stuff and if it is something you use normally anyways, it can save you money. Check out the companies below to sign up to receive free products for evaluating.
In Home Product Testing
Bzz Agent
House Party

There are many companies out there who are specifically looking for Moms to sample their products.
4Moms Insider
All You Magazine
Kiwi Magazine Parent Advisory Board
Mom Select
Parenting Magazine Mom Tester
She Speaks

Also, be aware if you go looking for other product testing sites to sign up with that this is often used as a scam. Before signing up with any other companies be sure they are not trying to charge you for shipping. No legitimate product testing companies do this. They should never ask for any money from you. Also don’t fall for the product testing sites that claim they will send you some great item AFTER you complete five of their offers. You will waste a lot of time and energy signing up for trial subscriptions and products you don’t want and are often required to give a credit card number in case you forget to cancel your trial by the end of the free trial period. Legitimate product testing companies are very straightforward. They will usually ask you to fill out a brief survey when you first sign up in order to match you to products but there should be no need for credit cards and absolutely no fees involved.

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