What Women Want Financially

Business owners are usually aware that women consumers are the driving force behind a large amount of potential sales. In fact, many businesses have specific marketing strategies to target women and gain them as customers. In order to target women consumers, businesses must be aware of what women are looking for both as consumers and as financially responsible decision makers.

It is estimated that women are responsible for around $7 trillion in spending in the United States. Women are often the primary shoppers in the family and are also many times responsible for the research leading up to a purchase. Having them familiar with your brand is important because they are responsible for 85% of purchasing decisions. With the state of the economy today, these women shoppers are balancing their brand loyalty with their desire to stay within budget. Small businesses need to gain as much of this lucrative consumer element as possible. In order to do this, businesses should be familiar with how women today are doing financially as well as what they look for when shopping. Check out the facts below and the infographic from Ginger for more information on what women want financially.

  • 46% of women say they are managing financially but do not enjoy having to be so careful
  • 15% of women say their personal economic state was doing very well
  • 15% of women say their personal finances have taken a turn for the worse over the past six months
  • 40% of women have a goal of paying down debt for this year
  • 23% have a personal finance goal of adding to their savings this year
  • 22% of women are budgeting for a splurge or bug purchase of some kind
  • Women love to deal shop but why? 36% say that it helps them live within their means and stretch those dollars. 23% do it for the thrill. 16% of women say they like more expensive brands but want to get them for less.

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