Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

Recently we have been discussing what a Twitter chat is and how you can benefit from participating in them. Specifically in the area of personal finance there are some really interesting weekly Twitter chats you can join to connect with some great people. Besides participating in weekly Twitter chats and connecting with others in the personal finance world who join in on the chats, there are also some other great personal finance folks you should make sure you are following on Twitter. Learn from them, connect with them, engage with them. Here is our list in no particular order, of some of our favorite personal finance bloggers to follow on Twitter.

  1. @Wisebread from

  2. @MoneyCrashers from

  3. @Moolanomy from

  4. @Consumerist of

  5. @MoneySavingMom of

  6. @TheSimpleDollar of The Simple Dollar

  7. @JDRoth of Get Rich Slowly

  8. @TheMotleyFool from

  9. @JJeffRose from

  10. @DealSeekingMom from

  11. @Flexo from

  12. @NealFrankle of

  13. @Bargainr from

  14. @PTMoney from

  15. @DailyWorth from

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