Weology: Putting People First

peteraceto‘Weology’. It’s a word that not many of us are familiar with. I was too in that boat before I came across the book of the same name written by Tangerine CEO Peter Aceto.
So what is Weology? If anything, its a phrase that guides Tangerine as a company and is the reason why they’ve seen such unprecedented success in an industry that’s inherently rigid and inhuman.
To quote the Tangerine website: ‘Peter runs his business in an unorthodox and intuitively human way that has largely contributed to Tangerine’s unprecedented success.’
The truth is the world is shifting – towards a people-centric way of organizing companies. Tangerine is WAY ahead of this curve. Weology means that the culture and ways of thinking put people first – and it shows in both their employees, customers, way of doing business, and ultimately, their success as a company.
In Weology, Peter tells us why Tangerine, its people, its culture and the leadership strategies he adopts for operating in a radically different way are changing how the world sees business.
This book – and ideology – are two of the many reasons why I am a Tangerine customer, and will be for a long time to come. I encourage you to read the book, which you can pick up here.

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