9 Secret Tips to Make More Money with Survey Sites

by Sarah

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Are you struggling to make money with paid surveys sites?

I know it feels very frustrated when you can’t make a single penny by spending so much time on these survey sites. This disappointment makes us to believe that all paid surveys are scams.

Yeah, it’s true, there are some scam surveys out there.

But it’s not fair to paint everyone with the same brush because there are legitimate paid survey panels as well.

The actual problem lies somewhere else.

The reality is we have legitimate paying survey panels and scams as well. First of all, you need to understand there are too many factors which govern your earning from surveys.

You cannot expect to earn a fixed amount every day and there will be a lot of fluctuation in your daily or weekly earnings.

These factors work differently from person to person who participates in these surveys. Say two person takes surveys on the same panel, one can really make good money but the other might barely make a single penny in a month.

Today I’m going to explain all those factors which affects your survey income and the strategies to make more money from survey sites.

Your survey earnings depend upon these factors:

1. The number of panels you join

In the beginning people are very excited to take survey, so join tons of survey panels. We all have heard; people have signed up for 25 panels or even more than 40 panels at a time. As a result, their inbox will be flooded with emails of all those panels which is very overwhelming.

You will get more panel invitations and will be confused to reply which one. After one point you will stop replying to the invitations and many opportunities will be lost.

2. Your demographics information

A Survey site invites you to take surveys based on the information which you provide during the sign up. So if you not complete your profile information or just for the sake of filling you enter inaccurate information, that will disqualify you from the survey.

All that information in profile forms the part of demographics, it includes your age group, income, hobbies, gender, education, marital status and many other information.

Your demographic information plays a crucial role in your earning potential from taking surveys.

3. How much time you spend on taking surveys

The next key factor which affects your survey earning is time taken to complete a survey. The time factor varies from survey to survey.

There are some long and time consuming surveys which may pay more up to $10-$15. Which make sense. Still, there are small surveys though they pay less and they complete in fno time.

Your earning will depend upon how much time you want to invest in surveys. The more information you give about yourself higher the chances for you to qualify for high paying surveys.

4. The amount these survey panels pays may vary

Every survey panel has different approach towards payments, some pay with points which has some monetary value for example 100 points = $1 while other pay in cash.

Within the panel also some survey has higher payments while others might be less. In short, there is a lot of variation in the way these surveys pays.

Some surveys are lengthy which takes more time than usual but pays more. On the similar lines there are small surveys which barely take 4-5 minutes but pay less.

The point here is, your survey earning also depends upon what type of survey you choose and the way your panel pays you.

5. Other activities of making money on survey sites

In the survey site universe, also exist Get Paid To (GPT) sites. Which gives you some additional task to make money by watching videos, polls, offers, playing games etc.

For some participants apart from usual surveys, these activities also form significant part of their income. In short these activities also form one of the main factor which can impact your earnings from survey sites.

6. Referral and reward programs

Many survey sites offer extra earning opportunity by giving referral points, bonus or cash reward on referring your family or friends to join the site.

It is not necessary that the rewards will be in cash or points. Some of the survey sites may give gifts like a vacuum cleaner or cell phone which has a monetary value to it.

Some sites also offer test products from companies who want know your opinion on that product based on you use. One should also consider this factor in their earnings from surveys.

Secret tips to make more money from online survey sites

1. Join several good survey sites

You need to keep in mind signing up with more panels never guarantee you to make more money taking survey. In beginning start with signing up with 3 or 4 good survey panels which fits your demographic, hobbies and interest.

It will be like hit and trial for you in the beginning where you explore your interest to find the panels you really like. Try it for few weeks, if you find it interesting then continue else you can cancel its membership. Then gradually increase the number of panels as you gain experience.

2. Be active

Next thing after joining a panel is to stay active to take surveys on all those sites, else your account will be closed for being inactive for long time. A good strategy would be to complete a survey every two or three weeks to be active on all sites.

3. Complete your survey and fill accurate information

Filling personal information is the most crucial part in taking surveys because based on this information it is decided whether you qualify for a survey or not.

Pay special attention to answer questions like – Name, age, occupation, marital status, and location. Don’t leave any information blank as it will reduce your chances to qualify for the most profitable surveys.

4. Manage your survey taking time

Sitting long hours taking surveys is never a good idea. It may strain your eyes and brain which affect your decision making skills.

Your time is valuable, so while choosing a survey, compare the estimated time it takes to complete and the amount it is paying. Avoid those surveys that pay less while taking more time.

Every time you take a survey, note down the time it took to complete, this will give you a good idea whether the particular survey is worth your time or not.

5. Surveys which pays in points

The surveys which pays in points, make sure to compare your points in dollar terms. Do your homework, how to redeem these points and its conversion cost to your bank account.

Also note down the minimum reward points you need to earn to redeem those points.

Don’t go with those surveys which pays less points or takes away more of your points as conversion charges.

6. Keep an eye on new offers every day

Whenever a new survey offer comes the company only allows a handful of people to participate. All the lucrative offers are grabbed first as there is a fair amount of completion for it.

Actively check your emails and survey dashboard or app notifications. Don’t be left behind and keep an eye on these lucrative offers and be the first one to grab it.

7. Fix a free time from your daily routine

Sometimes these survey sites eat away too much time, to avoid wastage of time fix a particular spare time from your daily schedule for completing these surveys in a planned manner.

8. Using auto form filling

The most annoying part of the surveys is to fill all the information again and again. One great solution is to use auto form filling software called Roboform.

This form filling software are very useful, it saves your information once and you can use it to fill same information in n number of surveys without manually filling it again.

Even many survey panels themselves suggest using form filling software to complete the surveys faster with accuracy as it saves time.

9. Join referral programs of Survey sites

Referral programs are another great way of boosting your survey incomes. Look for referral page of a survey site and apply for referral programs. Here you get a referral link which you can promote on social media platforms.

When someone signs up for the survey sites from your link, you get additional points or rewards for that. The opportunity is huge because all survey panel has referral programs. You can leverage your contacts of family members, friends or coworkers and earn referral points from survey sites.

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Secret Tips to Make More Money From Survey Sites

The Bottom line

Like in every space of life, there are two sides of a coin. Similarly, in paid surveys arena there are some scammers and legitimate sites as well. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. You need the right strategy to become successful in the online survey game.

And I’m sure with these tips and strategies, you can easily make some extra money with this side hustle. If you like the post, please pin it on your making money board on Pinterest.

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